Fees & Appointments

Tuning Fees
A straight forward tuning fee is £70 within a 10 mile radius of Yeovil. Beyond this there is a travel element which will add £7 to £10 depending on distance and time. Within this price Michael will carry out basic repairs and adjustments.
Discounts are available if he can tune more than one piano on a visit. Please get together with friends and neighbours and time and travel cost savings made by tuning a number of pianos in the same area can be passed on. At the moment that is, say, 10 - 15%.

The preferred payment method is by BACS (electronic transfer).Cash is also acceptable. I prefere not to receive cheques but I will accept them.The BACS details will be with the invoice when it is issued.
Payment by this method is expected within 3 days please.

What you can expect on the day of the Appointment
• Michael will be on time or within a few minutes.
• If he is running late by more than half an hour he will phone and let you know.
• A tuning visit generally takes 1 to 1½ hours depending on the piano.
• He always tunes and maintains your piano to the highest standards.
• He always, where possible, tunes to concert pitch (A440).
• Michael is more than willing to talk to you about any aspect of work being undertaken with your piano.
•Public liability insurance up to £5,000,000.

What Michael would like from you
• Please do not forget the appointment. (you will be charged for time/ transport costs if you are not in).
• When making an appointment, it is helpful if you tell Michael of any particular problems you are experiencing with the piano. He may need extra time for a repair for example.
• If, on a visit, Michael is unable to tune your piano he will charge a call out fee. (Currently £40)
• You can cancel the appointment, but please give Michael good notice of this so work can be booked elsewhere.
• Please clear the top of the piano so he has good access to lift the lid. A room at a reasonable temperature helps the tuning (and the tuner!).
• Peace and quiet helps Michael tune quickly and accurately.