Michael tunes pianos, both grand and upright. He also has experience in tuning other stringed instruments such as square pianos, clavichords and harpsichords
He always tries to tune to concert pitch (A440) but will discuss with you if the piano needs extra tuning to bring it to pitch.
He trained to tune pianos without the aid of an electronic tuning device but these machines have improved so much in recent years that he now uses one.
It is worth pointing out that these devices cannot be used by amateurs as traditional piano tuning skills are required. A lot of techniques used for tuning, such as setting pins and obtaining good unisons, need trained tuner skills and years of experience.

A lot of minor repairs on pianos, such as; notes not working correctly, replace broken strings, repair broken mechanisms etc. can be sorted when the piano is being tuned. Every note is played when tuning so the tuner will spot and usually repair these, depending on time constraints. Further repairs required will be discussed and arranged a separate appointment. He has workshop facilities for more major repairs and restoration.

Michael does not repair electronic keyboards.

Recalls and Reminders
Michael has a recall system which enables him to know when your piano is ready for its regular tuning. He will email or less likely, telephone you to arrange a tuning appointment, so you don't have to remember! Make sure he has your email for this service.
He also uses an automated system that will confirm and also send reminders 24 hours before the appointment. This is either in the form of an email or a SMS message to your mobile phone if he has these details.

Assessments and Valuations
A service Michael offers is to view and assess pianos, provide advice and value pianos. This viewing does not take as long as a tuning and therefore the fees is subsequently less, usually around £50. With this service you will know whether to pursue repairing and tuning a piano or indeed whether it is worth it. These visits require time, effort and cost.

Please do not contact Michael if you are unwilling to pay for a visit!

Area Covered
Michael's area stretches from Chard, Lyme Regis in the west to Gillingham, in the east. Weymouth and Dorchester in the south. Shepton Mallet to the north. He does travel outside this area but there will be an extra charge to cover time and travelling costs.
So, this includes the following towns and villages:
Beaminster, Bridport, Broadwindsor, Bruton, Castle Cary, Cerne Abbas, Chard,  Charmouth, Crewkerne, Dorchester, Evercreech, Evershot, Fivehead, Gillingham, Glastonbury, Henstridge, Ilchester, Ilminster, Langport, Long Sutton, Lyme Regis, Maiden Newton, Marnhull, Martock, Mere, Minterne Magna, Misterton, Pilton, Shepton Mallet, Somerton, South Petherton, Sparkford, Stalbridge,  Street, Templecombe, West Coker, Weymouth, Wincanton, Winsham, Yeovil.

Piano Removals
Piano removals is a specialist service and all enquiries for this Michael forwards to Thomas Wroe Transport, based in Yeovil. Phil Thomas is head of this furniture removal company with a specialism in piano removals and will be able to assist you. Their telephone number is: 01935 427960

General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)

In line with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR), this is Michael's fair processing notice:

  • Michael keeps basic data about his customers. This is namely: Customers name and address and phone numbers. He often has an email address. He also has details of his previous visits as well as the name and serial numbers of the piano. That is the only information he keeps
  • Michael does not keep any unnecessary information about his customers.
  • His data is secure and is not passed onto any third party with the exception of an appointment confirmation and reminder online service called Their GDPR statement is here.



• Michael has a process to provide the information he holds on customers if asked.
• Michael is able and willing to delete any information he holds on customers if requested to do so by the owners of that information.
• Michael positively endorses the ‘opt in’ ethos.
Please remember that you can ‘opt out’ at any time but it does mean you will not benefit from his recall and appointment reminder system.